Las Vegas Casinos: A look at the history and evolution of Sin City Gaming

Las Vegas is one of the most desired places to visit worldwide. This city has various things tourists can do, and playing at the casino hubs has been the top of them all. There are several reasons why people have been looking forward to visiting the city of Las Vegas. But there are some things which should be known about the same. Here we will be looking at a short history of the city of Las Vegas and how the casinos at this place have evolved a lot since the beginning.

Discovery of the city

The city of Las Vegas was discovered a long time ago, but Antonio Armijo named it. He visited this city with 60 other men while trying to find the route to visit their destination and had to shorten their trail. So, they had named the city the Meadows, and if we translate it to Spanish, it says “Las Vegas”. This is how the city of Las Vegas was named and discovered. After that, many developments started taking place in this city, and people started visiting. During the beginning of the 20th century, railways were also established.

The birth of Las Vegas

Earlier the place Las Vegas existed, but it was not known as a city. In 1905, William Andrew Clark, the owner of the railroad, presented an auction of 110 acres of the city. This area was then converted to a downtown side, due to which the place Las Vegas started to be called a city officially. That was also when the name Sin City was born, as Block 16, present in the city, was known to be the most popular place to sell hard liquor legally.

It even had dancing girls who used to interact with people, and that’s how the popular casinos of this city started being established. The first casino of this city, the Golden Cit,y Casino, was also established in 1905, and the first telephone in the city was also the same in 1907.

Hoover Dam

During the early 20th century, the city had just 1000 people, but they doubled by 1920. So, the work on the Hoover Dam started in 1931, and thousands of workers were employed for the same. The workers used to spend their entire day at the workplace, and during the night time, they used to visit the Casinos. Fremont Street was the most popular place for this purpose, as it had the best casinos in the city.

Later on, in the year 1941, another new Casino was established, which was El Rancho Vegas Hotel and Casino. At that time, this casino was established, spending a total of 500 thousand dollars, a huge amount. It even had a late-night buffet, the first one to be established in Las Vegas. Since then, the developments have taken place at a rapid pace in the city of Las Vegas or Sin City. The place had just 70 slot machines and a few tables for all the games to ensure that people spent their time at this place to make it even more popular.

How has the city evolved?

When the rapid developments started to take place in Las Vegas, most of them took place after the 1950s. This was when Las Vegas transformed from a popular place for tourists to a popular place for all Gamblers for what it is even known to date. Las Vegas is now the Gambling capital of the world, and the developments during this period have been the major reason for the same.

The most popular casino owners of Sin City started visiting various other cities to establish their branches over there and make it even more convenient for people to access their casino hubs. Disneyland for Adults was the most popular Casino hub during the year 1955. At that time, it had around 8 million tourists yearly, which was a huge amount.

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